Beautiful Old Castles and Abbeys in the U.K.

There are loads of castles, abbeys and other medieval structures scattered around in the U.K. and Wales has some particularly nice variations - from huge powerful castles such as at Caernarfon to smaller and sometimes quite ruined structures - for instance Criccieth Castle. Often as not quite close to these castles there are other beautiful structures to look at - for instance at Conwy Castle where Telford's beautiful Suspension Bridge and Stephenson's Tubular Railway Bridge nestle right up to the castle walls.
Equally England has one or two castles as well as lots of old Abbeys to look round although unfortunately quite a few of our Abbeys and Monasteries were somewhat ruined by King Henry VIII.

Castles which can be visited in Wales:

A Castle which can be looked round in England plus two "Abbeys":

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